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influential designers: andrea cochran  

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Andrea Cochran on the opening night of the Cultural Landscape Foundations conference, "The Second Wave of Modernism." She openly shared her thoughts and approach to her minimalist style and spoke about the materials she prefers to use. Based in San Francisco, she designs residential landscapes and commercial and institutional projects. Incorporating landscape, art and architecture her minimal spaces create a deeper awarness of the elements within them. There is just enough in her work to keep it interesting throughout the seasons without it being too much. 


Cor-ten steel, stone, gravel and an ancient Olive tree blend appropriatley with the surrounding landscape.




The cor-ten steel retaining wall is not visible from the view above. 


Black polished concrete walls. 



public gardens: chanticleer

Chanticleer gardens is truly an innovative gem among public gardens. Set on forty eight acres on Philadelphia's Main Line the garden offers many things. From the compelling and inventive use of plants and the generous offering of native trees and shrubs to the ruins and the water features, Chanticleer is sure to inspire. http://www.chanticleergarden.org/  




Prairie Dropseed in a stylized meadow.